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About London Biennale

The global art exhibition at the London Art Biennale brings together 400 artists from 80 countries, and perhaps one of the most exciting news for Oksana was that she was among the selected artists and had the honor to present one of her works at this wonderful exhibition
The success of the event was further enhanced by a philanthropic partnership with the Rotary Club of Kensington and Chelsea, which helped raise significant funds for charitable initiatives. Oksana also took part in charity work to promote a good mission by the Rotary Club of Kensington and Chelsea and won the grand prize "A week’s stay for two in a suite at the Arts Club Boutique Hotel in Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy".

This prize was generously donated by the Gagliardi Family of Gagliardi Gallery who hosted the Biennale Art Fair.
The prestigious event, held at Chelsea's respected Old Town Hall, served as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging meaningful dialogue and artistic exchange among artists, collectors and art lovers around the world. Under the theme "Art unites us", the London Art Biennale featured an exceptional array of works of art, each reflecting the artists' unique cultural backgrounds, experiences and visions.
“A Thousand Voices” is a Virtual Reality exploration and exhibit that allows participants to create intimate and emotional connections with the memories of Gulag survivor and Ukrainian watercolor artist, Ivanna Maszczak - Oksana, a compatriot, is an outstanding artist and just a wonderful woman with a strong spirit, very kind and sincere person.