Upcoming exhibitions


RTIA is one of the region's truly unique exhibitions, showcasing local talent alongside national and international galleries, independent artists and sculptors from across the country. The exhibition included special events that truly inspired many of those present at the exhibition: https://www.rtiashow.com/

Talented artists, their unique works of art and the amazing atmosphere created by the organizers of the exhibition, I think, brought absolute pleasure to everyone present and left no one indifferent.

Special thanks to Briana Dolan, founder and managing director of RTA Show, for her warm attitude towards Ukrainian artists and great respect for their creativity, the best organization and endless support.

I would like to say a few kind words to Mark Richardson, owner of Richardson Fine Art Gallery https://www.richardsonfineart.com/ for his appreciation of beginner art and the ability to feature it in his unique gallery.

And of course a huge thank you to Chuck Steinber, art dealer who has changed the way art is displayed and sold using his unique methods to achieve his goals. It's really worthy of praise.

Sincere gratitude to all participants of RENO international and may there always be more such unique shows, thank you to everyone!